Movie Post

One thing I loved while watching the films in class was the diversity of the way people handled their footage. Some people had the same footage and made the mood drastically change due to filters, sound and color.

I really liked the fairy tale movie, because it took something so familiar to me [St. Mary’s campus] and the way the film was handled, it really became fairy tale like. I definitely think the narration helped it as well.

All the footage of the flowers made the film seem as if it took place in some magical kingdom.

I liked the music used as well, I recognized some of it as the instrumental parts of more well known songs. The narration was interesting, because no one else chose to narrate theirs.. Her whole film had a tone of a children’s fairy tale which I enjoyed immensely.

I also liked the how the movie was filmed. In the beginning, there was a part where the camera was facing and the ground and it took the viewer up the steps and you wouldn’t see what was coming up, but you were being led on a magical journey. I also found the part where the door seemed to open by itself to add to the mystery and magical energy of the film.


Artist Post...

The three artists I have interest in, [at the moment] are: Georgia O’Keefe, Renee Magritte and Salvador Dali. I love these artists for various reasons. Originally, I considered writing about someone more modern and interested in new media, but I cannot help my love for surrealists.

Salvador Dali is my all time favorite artist. I have multiple works of his hanging in my room. I love the way he paints so realistically, yet the situations are impossible. I fell in love with his works when I saw Dream Caused the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening.

Dream Caused the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening

I don’t know what is is about this particular work, but it just grabbed my attention. The tigers are beautiful and very realistically rendered. It’s such a fantastical piece, though, with tigers coming out fo a fish mouth, seemingly to originate from a pomegranate. The spaces Dali creates are very dreamlike, and reminds me of my own dreams. Who doesn’t have dreams that don’t make complete sense? I often base artworks off my own dreams, such as my comic book for this current project. I also love his Swans Reflecting Elephants because it is such a whimsical idea that plays with reflections and our perceptions. I also love the idea of a world like our own being parallel, sort of like a parallel universe, which is what I did for my digital project.

I love Georgia O’Keefe, and have loved her ever since I was a little girl. My parents of course told me about her and Mary Cassat and the like, because of the whole ‘female artist thing” they had going on. I have grown to love her more and more over the years. When I was little, the artworks of hers which stood out to me the most were her skulls. I love her flowers of course but her skulls are probably what I want to focus on for this project. Well, not just the skulls. I love the works of hers, with cow skulls and white roses next to them. I know many people may not feel this way, but I see a strong sense of beauty in a skull. I love bones, and love to find them. I found some deer bones, which I have yet to clean, and I plan on painting them in the near future. I love how she paints them, and I feel there’s almost a surreal like quality to them as well. I love flowers as well, especially roses, which I think I could incorporate into this project.

I also love Reneé Magritte. I love his idea of art portrayed through his works, such as in The Human Condition. I like the idea and would like to expand on it further because it makes me wonder how we all see the world- how does everyone else see the world? How is it different than how I see it? I also love his Attempting the Impossible because it deals with how we create representations on canvas or paper, and how they relate to the actual subject. He has a less realistic style than Dali, but I love the way its simpler, and bolder in a way.

Attempting the Impossible

So far in the semester, the comic book project has been my favorite. I love using ink, and I have always struggled with coming up with story lines. I remembered this dream I had and decided to build up on it because of the connection with time from the prompt. I really like this, and am still working on it. I hope it’s easy to read as well, because I tend to focus on smaller details. I need to work on the graphic content of the piece, and how accessible it is to readers. But what do people want? I have to figure out how I want the viewer to receive it as well.

I liked the chair project a lot actually because I usually don’t think of the negative space like that, and it looks super awesome on a colorful background. It took a lot of effort for me not draw the actual chair, but to focus solely on the negative space, which I liked- it got me to think differently than normal.