Movie Post

One thing I loved while watching the films in class was the diversity of the way people handled their footage. Some people had the same footage and made the mood drastically change due to filters, sound and color.

I really liked the fairy tale movie, because it took something so familiar to me [St. Mary’s campus] and the way the film was handled, it really became fairy tale like. I definitely think the narration helped it as well.

All the footage of the flowers made the film seem as if it took place in some magical kingdom.

I liked the music used as well, I recognized some of it as the instrumental parts of more well known songs. The narration was interesting, because no one else chose to narrate theirs.. Her whole film had a tone of a children’s fairy tale which I enjoyed immensely.

I also liked the how the movie was filmed. In the beginning, there was a part where the camera was facing and the ground and it took the viewer up the steps and you wouldn’t see what was coming up, but you were being led on a magical journey. I also found the part where the door seemed to open by itself to add to the mystery and magical energy of the film.

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